Ayudme is a humanitarian organization created to help people in need around the world.

We differ from other organizations because our help is personalized. The donations are granted to a specific person with a need of urgency, making emphasis on children and elders. We work the following way:

A person has a specific need (eg, a wheelchair). This person can register in our organization explaining his/her situation, attaching medical evidence and testimonies certifying the need to be real and urgent.

Once registered, our organization seeks budgets (wheelchairs in this case), preferably close to the location of the person being helped. An account will be opened under this person’s name and any donation made to his/her name will be adding until the complete amount needed for the wheelchair is raised.

After the money is raised, the organization follows to make the purchase (in this case a wheelchair), then person may withdraw it at the agreed place. We avoid at all cost to deliver cash as a way to ensure the correct use of your donations.


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